Sunday, May 9, 2010

April 16 - 30

April 1 - 15

March 16-31

March 1-15

Time to Touch Base...

I haven't lost a single day of my photo a day challenge as yet - I've been moving and computer-less so haven't had too much of an opportunity to process and upload - that is a thing of the past!! We're now in our new home, new town and new state and ready to catch up and get things moving!!!

I'll put in a few blank blog posts here so I can add the photo's that I've processed or processing for my photo-a-day in retrospect and add them in order so you will see a full year of photo's here :) So you'll see them pop up when completed :)

For now, I'll start adding them individually from May 1st.....

Monday, March 1, 2010

February 28th

"Farewell Summer"

Today was officially the last day of summer. I'm feeling a bit sentimental about it for some reason - so much so I insisted on taking the kids to the beach, despite gale force wind and a tsunami marine warning LOL but at least the sun was out!! LOL

Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 27th

"Gelli Baff Blues"

Oh my!! Gelli Baff is EVIL stuff!!! William decided that he'd waited long enough to play with his that Santa brought him so he filled the sink in the bathroom and emptied the whole packet in!!! It wouldn't all dissolve so before I could find the mess he pulled the plug hoping it would drain away.. hmmm... guess who now has blocked drains?!?!?!

So I wanted the rest of it out of the house!! The 4 brats all had a ball playing in Domeniks paddling pool with Alek's Gelli Baff. Kahli's pink goo will be next weekend then that's it - no more Gelli Baff in this house!!!!